Custom Validation with BizForms

Ever need to inject some custom validation into a BizForm?  Check it:

Below I've provided a method you can drop into your BizForm code behind, or the code behind of a BizForm clone.  Then, call this method from an event handle for the OnBeforeValidate event.  If Field A has a value this validation method forces the user to enter a value for Field B.

Keep in mind that this is simply an example of adding custom validation.  Just remember: the sky is the limit!

One last quick note: This example used BizForms, but you can probably apply this same technique to Document Forms and Custom Table Forms.

private void ShowErrorIfParentHasValueAndChildIsEmpty(string fieldAName, string fieldBName, string errorMessage)
    var parentControl = (EditingFormControl)uxBizForm.BasicForm.FieldEditingControls[fieldAName];
    var childControl = (EditingFormControl)uxBizForm.BasicForm.FieldEditingControls[fieldBName];

    var parentControlValue = parentControl.Value.ToString();
    var childControlValue = childControl.Value.ToString();

    if (!string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(parentControlValue) && string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(childControlValue))
        var errorLabel = uxBizForm.BasicForm.FieldErrorLabels[fieldBName] as LocalizedLabel;
        errorLabel.Text = errorMessage;
        errorLabel.Visible = true;

        uxBizForm.BasicForm.StopProcessing = true;
        var errorLabel = uxBizForm.BasicForm.FieldErrorLabels[fieldBName] as LocalizedLabel;
        errorLabel.Text = "";
        errorLabel.Visible = false;

And here is the wire up code for the event handler (Put this in the SetupControl method):

uxBizForm.OnBeforeValidate += uxBizForm_OnBeforeValidate;

And here is the event handler where you can call the validation method from above:

protected void uxBizForm_OnBeforeValidate()
    ShowErrorIfParentHasValueAndChildIsEmpty("FirstName", "LastName", "We don't like John and Aaron and nobody!");

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