Introducing the Custom Settings Module for Kentico CMS


Two weeks ago I was developing some custom functionality for Kentico CMS. I realized that my custom code had a lot of configurable settings (configuration settings). In the past, we've used the appSettings section of the web.config, but I've never liked it. Mainly, the appSettings section is unmanageable by non-technical users, although there are other reasons. So I decided to develop a custom module to store custom configuration settings right inside Kentico!

Download the Custom Settings Module for Kentico CMS

Right now the code is only on my blog but the plan is to put it on GitHub soon. The custom module is free to use, just don't claim it as your own! Also, if you're really appreciative, feel free to donate via the Paypal link at the bottom of the download page :) Also, don't forget to give me feedback!  If there are issues and bugs, let me know.  If you have suggestions, let me know!

Download the Custom Settings Module for Kentico CMS

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