Settings Module for Kentico CMS

This module enables Kentico developers to add custom settings to Kentico which can be managed by Site Administrators.  The settings are created in the Development section of the Site Manager, and will appear in the Settings Section of the Site Manager. The idea is to make custom code flexible and configurable.


  • Add custom Settings Categories.
  • Add custom Settings Keys to custom Settings Categories.
  • Uses Kentico CMS’ built in features including editing settings keys, settings key data types, inheritance, and more.

Issues / Caveats

So far, there are no known issues, but  there are a few caveats:

  • I don’t think that the different Load Generation settings are entirely taken into account.  I would probably just set it to First Generation for now.  I will be posting on the internals of this module soon, which may shed some light on this, stay tuned…
  • Help topics are still pointing at the original topics from the module I started with (countries).
  • Not production tested!


Installation is simple.  Just follow the directions in the readme.

The Future of this Module

Right now this is the only place the module is hosted, but if people contact me with bug fixes (or just reports) or enhancements, I will try to incorporate those into the module in a timely manner.  My goal is to get this on GitHub, but I want to play around with Git a little more before I start trying merge branches and such.


Download v1.0 of the Kentico CMS Custom Settings Module here