Introducing Encryptamajig, Symmetric Encryption in C# using AES

This isn’t my normal type of “full” post. Rather, I wanted to plug my own project which attempts to “standardize” the way people do Symmetric Encryption in .NET using the AES algorithm (the successor to Rijndael).

It’s called Encryptamajig.

To quote the project readme:

“When you look at encryption examples online many are verbose, misleading, outdated, or flat out insecure. By creating this project I hope to provide a single resource that myself and others can use to incoporate encryption into their .NET projects.

My goal is to make sure this project uses an up-to-date encryption algorithm and forces appropriate usage of that algorithm.”

The interface has been simplified so all you need to do is make 2 calls, 1 for encryption and 1 for decryption:

var _key = "Keep me safe";
var _plainText = "Some plaintext you want to encrypt";

var encrypted = AesEncryptamajig.Encrypt(_plainText, _key);
var roundtrip = AesEncryptamajig.Decrypt(encrypted, _key);

For more information about the project, and encryption, take a look at the well written readme on the project page. If you have something to contribute to the project, just send me a pull request on Github!

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