The beginning of the end!

So here is my first post.

The why?  Because I often have many thoughts about programming, but I don’t feel that my old blog (which is still active) is cutting it.  For starters, I didn’t really post on it.  Other than that, it was homegrown and to basic to really be useful to anyone, even myself!

The how?  WordPress!  The why of WordPress?  Not really sure.  I’ve seen WordPress around, I enjoy the default color scheme and layout, and its the firs tthing that popped into my head for a blog solution.

The future?  Hopefully a bright one!  I don’t think I”ll post regularly on this, but hopefully I can crank out some useful information that is in a nice publicly available format, in the hopes that I can influence others.  For better or for worse ;)

Published: May 10, 2009

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